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In addition to career training, Joliet Job Corps also provides academic training, including basic reading and math. Courses in independent living, employability skills, and social skills are offered in order to help students transition into the workplace. We also have several academic programs to help our students achieve their full potential.

GED Program

Our GED program has two components: GED and Pre-GED. Based on initial testing, students are enrolled in either GED or Pre-GED classes. Both components are designed to prepare students for the official GED test given by monthly at a local testing center. We also provide the official GED Practice Test to our students as a prerequisite to the actual test.

Online High School Diploma Program

Students who have completed their eleventh grade of high school have the option of enrolling in our Online High School Diploma Program. Eligible students are required to have a number of credits from their high school which transfer to their online coursework. Students who complete the Online Diploma Program are awarded an accredited diploma that is nationally recognized.

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Page last updated: Thursday, March 26, 2009